Capturing the Magic

Have you ever watched a child play? It's amazing. Sure, they can be loud and toys may be thrown about, but if you step back and watch, you'll see they have created an entire fanciful reality that has consumed all of their senses.

Children are born with vivid, wonderful, imaginations. They tell stories and act out scenes with their toys and siblings. They speak in made-up languages, pretend they're different animals, and even taste food from invisible feasts.

When my children were younger, I used to love watching them play. I would be so amused, listening to their storylines and observing them expand their minds creatively. Even now they are older, I still catch them playing from time to time and it warms my heart. I hope they never lose that magic.

Beauty and magic are all around you, I'm here to capture it for you.

Children grow up fast. I am a mother to a teenager and near-teen. I believe I blinked one day, and the next moment, they were 5 years older. As children of a photographer, they have been my muses countless times. Dressing up and acting out a scene for me to photograph has become so commonplace, I barely get an odd look when I drag my equipment into our bathroom and dress us in nautical attire. They know the idea is floating in my mind and although they may not see exactly what I see (as we're standing in my tub with an umbrella), they know it's going to be magical.

I can't wait to capture the magic for you.

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