Formal Brother & Sister Outdoor Session in Wesley Chapel

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These two cuties are so incredibly dear to my heart. I was their nanny while I was in college up until I started a family of my own. The Justin family welcomed me as their own as I cared for their children and ate their peanut butter (haha). I will always be forever thankful for being a part of their family and I love them all bunches.

Peanut butter story-

While I was a nanny for the Justin family, I married my childhood sweetheart and became pregnant with our first child.  As with most pregnancies, I had specific food cravings and mine just happened to be boston creme pie doughnuts (my poor husband never lived that down since I would often beg him to bring me home a doughnut at the end of his shift – he’s a police officer. lol) and peanut butter.

One afternoon as Bella & Matthew’s father was on his way home, he called to see what he needed to pick up from the store.  I ran through their grocery list and checked the pantry.
“… Oh, and peanut butter. You are out of peanut butter.”
“Really?! I just bought two big jars of peanut butter!”
“Huh. Weird. Yeah. There’s only a little bit left.”
Apparently my pregnancy cravings were a little more pronounced that I had thought! It immediately became a big joke in the family and to this day my daughter (whom I was pregnant with) LOVES peanut butter and we have to keep our pantry stocked.

Octopus Hugs & Unicorn Magic,

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