My Grandfather’s Legacy: Unconditional Love & Adoration in Dade City, FL

It’s been a while. I always have the best intentions about blogging and then life gets in the way and the next thing I know, 6 months have flown by. March is the  “New” January as far as resolutions, correct? 😉

I honestly do *try* to not get too personal on my business page because in the rules of business 101, you’re suppose to depersonalize yourself and just be a business. A cold, heartless, machine; pressing buttons and producing goods for the consumers. Luckily, I was never one to follow the rules exactly. Besides, if you have ever met me in person, you know that I am probably one of the most personable people you’d ever run into. I am Southern, after all. You also better be prepared to be hugged. 🙂

Today is March 9th, 2017. A year ago, I lost a wonderful man whom I loved with all of my heart. A month exactly before my 30th birthday, I was devastated to be entering a new decade without one of my biggest cheerleaders and advocates. A year has come and gone and I miss him just the same. I write this with tears streaming down my face as I reflect on all that he has missed this year; and in all of the circumstances and situations where I felt his absence the strongest. My grandfather was a legend, a little shit with the biggest heart there ever was. His smile was infectious and his sense of humor was morbidly witty. Despite the pain, he was by far the hardest worker I ever witnessed  and he was so proud of his children and grandchildren’s achievements. We literally could not do anything wrong in his eyes (well, I mean, we could but his unconditional love would immediately tell you about it and then forgive you).  Until his death, he had a cat and mouse hanging on his wall that I sewed in 3rd grade, a framed picture of a worn, straggly guardian angel- his angel- that I had drawn for him in middle school and a set of self-portraits I had taken when I first discovered my love of photography in high school.

Today, my mother came across some photos my grandfather took on his camera. If you knew my grandfather, you’d know that in his left breast pocket or his right front pant pocket (depending on his wardrobe), you would find a shiny red camera that he would take out and snap away with his crooked little finger. He was always documenting his love for life. To see the world through his eyes is one of the most precious things to me. Amongst the pictures of treasures, traveling, and family members, there were some snapshots my grandfather took of me “behind the scenes” of a photo shoot I photographed at his shop. (You can see it here.)

Below are Gramp’s photos, intertwined with the photos from that session.

Octopus Hugs & Unicorn Magic,

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  • Tina MazzaraMarch 9, 2017 - 1:37 pm

    Beautiful man, beautiful granddaughter!!!ReplyCancel

    • Jenn Carroll PhotographyMarch 12, 2017 - 6:06 pm

      Thank you, Mommy. <3ReplyCancel

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