The Couch in my Studio

There is a couch in my studio that is so much more than the small, gray, futon that it appears to be. When I was furnishing my small studio space, I looked for something that could be multi- functional with compact, slim, lines. I’m a petite person, so what I consider an “adult-sized”, compact piece of furniture, is basically child-sized to the majority of the population. Somehow, I forget I’m on the shorter side quite often. So much so, that is has provided several humorous scenarios over the years, especially between my husband and I.

After I set up my studio, I brought my said muscular, six -foot-tall husband in to see its completion. He sat down with an “oof” of someone not expecting such a long drop.

“Isn’t this couch a bit…low and small?” Well, darn. He was right. I toyed with the idea of returning it, however, it was perfect for the space and exactly what I needed, so it stayed.

Coincidentally, it apparently has been exactly what a lot of my clients have needed as well. It is a place for tired, sleep deprived parents of newborns to rest a bit while I soothe and swaddle their bundles of joy. It is a place for over-caffeinated and worn-out moms to relax for a moment while I chase their toddler and make silly faces. It is a place for worried parents and stressed teenagers to talk openly about their concerns and hear each other. My little gray futon is a place for over-worked spouses and loved ones to voice what’s on their heart and to be heard with non-biased openness.

It has been snacked on, napped upon, and jumped on. There have been as many giggles, as there have been tears. Each emotion raw, just wanting to be heard.

The couch in my studio is a safe space.

In a world where we are over-stimulated, constantly connected, and running ragged on the hamster wheel, my couch has provided a neutral and unconditional haven for clients and friends to shed their burdens; if only for an hour or so.

I have heard countless stories over the years. Stories of triumph, heartbreak, resilience, worry and joy. I have been delighted with stories from the mouths of babes that turned the parents bright red and scattering for words. (These are hilarious, and make me giggle for days). People are extremely open and vulnerable on my little gray couch. I’m not sure why, but I don’t question it. It’s a fact that I have come to accept as my truth, and I’m honored. I don’t always have an answer, but I always listen.

After all, as human beings, we just need to be heard and loved.

I see you. I hear you. I send you my love. <3

Octopus Hugs & Unicorn Magic,

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